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When it comes to moving your precious and valuable fine art and antique pieces, you want to leave it in the hands of people you can trust. At Grace, we understand the projects we undertake require a bespoke service. Here are just some of the benefits of using a national fine art removalist, just like Grace, to transport your fine art and antiques.

Full range of services

Your fine art pieces will be collected and cared for experienced handlers, who use tailor-made packing equipment and materials to keep your artefacts and pieces safe and secure throughout the transportation process. Fine Art removalists should are also able to provide a full range of removals services that go beyond transportation.

At Grace, we offer a diverse range of specialist services including;

  • Preparation, packing and customised crating
  • Domestic and international transport and tracking
  • Collection and asset management
  • Exhibitions and art/antique fair services
  • Special projects and installations
  • Valuations and restorations
  • Comprehensive range of insurance options
  • Secure climate-controlled storage New Zealand-wide


Expert fine art consultants will meet with you to discuss your particular requirements and put together a bespoke solution to meet your needs. These tailored solutions, along with meticulous coordination and communication, ensure your fine art move goes according to plan. Grace handles all types of special projects and offers unique services to maintain your collection’s value. We appoint and provide a single point of contact for each consignment.

National logistics

Complete national and international logistics are another benefit to hiring a fine art removalist. A domestic branch network that is supported by a national logistics system provides uninterrupted services. At Grace, our highly experienced team successfully coordinate the transport and handling of high risk and fragile items, such as museum exhibits and valuable artefacts. We’re confident that, no matter what the size, shape, value or destination, we can customise a logistic solution to meet your needs. Our specialised climate-controlled fleet of vehicles protects collections from environmental damage, while maintaining pieces in the best possible condition.

Artwork and antique storage

The room in which your art is stored can make a huge difference to the longevity of the work. Valuable art pieces can be affected by sunlight, smoke, humidity and temperature, resulting in severe and irreversible damage. That’s why Grace offer various storage solutions, including temperature controlled and humidified storage options to protect valuables that are affected by fluctuations in adverse conditions, including climate controlled vehicles for transport. Our secure storage facilities feature:

  • 24/7 security systems
  • Restricted monitored access and entry
  • Humidity and climate control options
  • Customs and Border Security compliance
  • Shelving and painting rack storage options
  • Electronic inventory and tracking

Asset management

Keeping track of your assets is not always an easy thing to do. Grace asset management services include electronic shipment tracking. We use the latest barcoding technology and fitted motion sensors to monitor art movement throughout the journey.


While you may do everything in your power to protect your fine art from damages when relocating them, they may be exposed to risks outside your control. Therefore, it is always best to ensure complete peace of mind by insuring your collection while in transit or in storage. Grace Fine Art is highly experienced in the transportation and storage of paintings, delicate ceramics, antiques, sculptures and valuable items and we offer transit and storage insurance for added peace of mind.

Grace Fine Art – Your national fine art removalists

From handling single artworks to large, complex touring exhibitions, you can trust Grace Fine Art. Get in touch with our Fine Art team to discuss the relocation or storage of your fine art or antiques.