moving kids

As those with a baby will attest, even a quick trip to the shops can be a recipe for disaster. So when it comes to moving house, Mums and Dads need to be extra-organised.

According to an article on website Moving Insider, the best thing parents with babies and small children can do on moving day is to keep to the normal schedule – as much as possible, at any rate.

Giving yourself extra time, factoring in play time, breaking for snacks, and packing smart, are all small – but extremely important – things that can make the difference between a successful or disastrous moving day.

“The best thing you can do is allow yourself plenty of extra time. As any parent knows, the baby rules the roost and you’re beholden to his wants and needs on his schedule, even if you have a half-unloaded truck sitting outside that you want to finish unloading before dark,” advised the article’s author.

At Grace Removals, we have moved countless families with small children – so we understand how important it is to plan ahead.

We offer a range of specialist services to help save you time and effort, and give you peace-of-mind that both yours and your child’s needs are met throughout the process.

For example, if you are staying in temporary accommodation while you await relocation to your permanent residence, we can deliver ‘essential items’ directly to you – while the bulk of your belongings remain in storage.

Clients with young children and home offices find this service particularly useful, as it reduces the need to take goods with them as personal luggage.

We also offer a helpful home cleaning service, which we can tailor to suit your individual needs, allowing you to spend more time doing the important things – like spending time with your bub.

Why not contact us to find out other ways we can help make your moving day a success – and avoid potential temper tantrums along the way.