Pros and Cons of Moving to Wellington


The capital of New Zealand, Wellington continues to invite people from all over the world for its growing industry, particularly the IT industry. Specialists, mainly from the United States, relocate to Wellington each year, dubbing the city ‘Silicon Welly’. Also known as the ‘Windy City’, Wellington is a city that offers a lot of pros to the right people. Read on to find out if Wellington is the right city for you.


Quieter life

New Zealand is not a large country, making Wellington one of the quietest capital cities in the world. With less traffic and less noise pollution than most other capital cities around the world, it offers a pleasant reprieve from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Financial savings

With cheaper rent and lower living expenses, moving to Wellington can actually help you save money. Compared to its close large city neighbours Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, Wellington prices for property, entertainment and transport are generally lower.


The live music scene helps keep the nightlife alive in the Windy City. A cultural hub, the city is also home to creative and inspirational art galleries, theatres sculptures and festivals.

Escape the city

It’s not hard to escape the city which is wedged between rolling hills and a glistening harbour. Almost every part of this city is deemed postcard worthy.


The cold

Prepare for snow and having to scrape ice off the windshield of your car, in spring. Winters are cold in Wellington, and they can last a lot longer than in northern capital cities too.

Fresh produce

Thanks to the cooler climate, fresh produce can be difficult to come by. The fresh produce you do find will often cost more as it’s not sourced locally.


Although many people in New Zealand are used to living with earthquakes, those moving to the country from overseas may not be. Tremors are not uncommon but they’re generally nothing to worry about. That’s not to say they can’t cause damage to property though.

Ready to make your move to Wellington, New Zealand? Get in touch with your dedicated Grace Mobility Specialist for more information on living in the Windy City of NZ.


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