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Moving in the school holidays has its benefits and its disadvantages. If you’re thinking of packing up the house and moving over the two week break, it’s important to weigh up both the pros and cons. Of course, when you have the kids to worry about, you probably don’t have the time to do that, so we’ve done it for you.


  • More hands on deck
    Having the kids off school means you can get them to help you pack and move the house. The more people you have helping out, the more you can get done. Older children, especially teenagers with their license, can help make the moving process a lot faster when they pitch in.
  • More time to move
    Moving within the holidays gives you two weeks, and at Christmas time, six, to move the family into your new house. This gives children the time they need to pack and sort through their things on their own, and get comfortable in their new house and neighbourhood.
  • New schools
    If you’re moving out of the area and the kids have to start attending a new school, moving during the holidays gives them the time to settle in before starting school.
  • Avoid peak hour
    Peak hour traffic is often not as problematic during the school holidays. Planning your move times during the day to avoid the peak will ensure you have the majority of the road. But be careful, school holidays often fall around public holidays and many families go away for the weekend, creating more traffic than usual.


  • More people in the way
    With the kids off school, there are more people in the way of your packing and moving, especially if your children are younger. You might need to consider organising a babysitter or putting the kids in day care while you organise the house.
  • Higher prices
    Often the price of things is increased during the school holidays. If your family is relocating overseas or interstate, flights will be more expensive during the holidays. Consider taking a couple of days of just before or just after the holidays so you can still make the most of having the time off.
  • Working parents
    For parents who work full time, the school holidays can be a burden where you’re juggling both work and the kids, searching for somewhere the kids can spend their day. If you’re moving during in the school holidays, you’ll have to take annual leave which you might not have or cannot afford.
  • Roads can be busier
    The roads can be busier during the school holidays as families often choose to relocate then or go away for the week.

Whether you’re ready to move in the school holidays or you’re holding out for when the kids are back at school, Grace are ready to move you. We can free up your time by packing, transporting and delivering your entire household, vehicles and pets included. All you have to do is pick the date you want to move.

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