New York

Your employer has recommended you to move to the New York branch of the business and now you’re contemplating a new life in the big apple. Although you might think you know all there is to know about New York from the movies, you might want to do a little more research. New York has a lot to offer those who thrive in the big city.


Plenty of job opportunities
New York provides a plethora of job opportunities thanks to the number of large businesses that base themselves in the city that never sleeps. There’s also lots of competition in the city if you thrive on pushing yourself to go bigger and better on the job market.

From Times Square to the shows on Broadway, there’s plenty of entertainment in New York. Not to mention the art galleries, museums and baseball games. Many TV shows are filmed in the city with live tapings for audiences to attend.

Food culture
A city as large as New York offers food from around the world to feast upon. The melting pot of flavours is thanks to the 8 million plus people who call the city home. With that many people, you’re bound to come across delicious food of other nations.

Public transport bonus
Getting around a large city has never been easier with subway trains servicing the entire city. You’ll never have use for a car in the city. If a train doesn’t get you there, a taxi or bus will.

Iconic place to call home
New York is famous for a number of monuments, buildings, restaurants and cafes so there’s plenty to explore while living here. The iconic city is one that features highly on many a travel bucket list, and for good reason. New York is also often frequented by celebrities.


Weather extremes
New York experiences harsh winters that bring snowfall and hot summers that bring high levels of humidity. These polarising extremes can be quite difficult for people to live in if they’re not already used to them.

Cost of living
The big apple has long been hailed as one of the most expensive cities in the world to call home. Housing is especially expensive with small apartments costing thousands. General living expenses such as eating out and utilities can also be quite pricy.

Romanticised city
Movies and TV shows tend to romanticise New York city but the reality can be quite different. If you’re expecting to live in Carrie Bradshaw’s New York, you might be sorely disappointed.

The city that never sleeps
The city earned the title fair and square so if you’re after peace and quiet, and if Central Park just won’t cut it, you might be better off looking elsewhere. Traffic is always heavy throughout the city which also adds to the noise pollution.

New York manners
If you’re not accustomed to the way New Yorkers talk, it can come across as rude and aggressive. You’ll need a thick skin to handle being yelled at over the noise of the traffic.

Ready to make the move to the big apple but not sure how? Talk to your Grace Mobility Specialist and take advantage of our destination services to help you settle in to your new home in New York.