Delivery and Unpacking Services

When moving with Grace, we handle every aspect of your delivery to ensure a smooth transition and minimum interruption to your routines.

For international moves, we arrange customs inspections and quarantine clearances on your behalf. We then deliver your items straight to your new home, unpack them and organise your belongings for added convenience.

What unpacking services are included with delivery?

Furniture moversAs part of our comprehensive service, upon delivery, our removalists team will safely unload, place and unwrap all of your furniture. We even reassemble your bed so you can be assured you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

For those who have selected our packing service, we will also unpack all your items from the boxes and place them on bench tops, making it easier for you to put them away.

When we leave, we make sure we take all the packaging debris with us, so you’re not left to tackle a mess.

What if I need more help with unpacking?

The Grace Valet service provides a convenient solution for families and people with busy schedules.
Our valet assistants can undertake tasks such as making the beds, organising the linen press, unpacking into cupboards, as well as unpacking and hanging clothes.

Grace Valet Service Options:

Home cleaners

Partial valet unpacking
The Grace Valet team organise your kitchen, living room and bedrooms, ready for your arrival.

Full valet unpacking
The Grace Valet unpacking team arranges everything including unwrapping and organising your entire household, folding and putting away your clothes, making your beds and arranging your furniture so your new home is ready to live in from the first day.

If you have any questions regarding our delivery and unpacking services, simply call us on 0800 472 2369.