Hong Kong

Moving to a new country is daunting enough without having to worry about whether or not you can stomach the native cuisine. Hong Kong is often referred to as a place where East meets West, a dynamic mix of traditional Chinese roots and fast paced modern lifestyle. The social norm in the city is to dine out at a range of restaurants and local markets. Here are the top 10 comfort foods to order at your next pre-work breakfast, business lunch or dinner out in Hong Kong.

  1. Yuangyang tea
    Start your morning with the famous milky tea and instant coffee mix Hong Kong locals love. You’ll find cups of the brew at Hong Kong style cafes which are known as cha chaan tengs.
  2. Noodles
    You can’t live in Hong Kong without succumbing to the almighty noodle. Egg noodles are one of the most popular options, often served with vegetables and a soft boiled egg. Another popular option is Rickshaw noodles; an inexpensive fast food dish the locals have loved since the 1960s. The instant noodles are served with a variety of vegetables and meat.
  3. Bao buns
    Bao buns are popular cross most of Asia so it’s no surprise the soft, sticky buns have made their way to the streets of Hong Kong. The steamed buns here are often filled with fried chicken or fish tempura.
  4. Hot pot
    Hot pot is a dish that also provides entertainment, giving you the ability to design your own meal. Order different types of food off the menu and cook it all yourself. It’s also a great way to observe how the locals cook their favourite dishes.
  5. Cheung fun
    They might look like octopus’s tentacles, but cheung fun is a dish comprised of slimy and slippery rice rolls served in a sauce of soy, peanut butter, hoisin and chilli. Best to try this one once you’ve got your chopstick skills up to scratch.
  6. Hairy crab
    This local delicacy is only in season for a couple of weeks from late October to the end of November when you’ll notice the dish start appearing on menus all over the city. The crab has an egg yolk consistency which can be stirred into pasta like a sauce or used to make fish sauce.
  7. Temple Street Night Market
    Street food is another local delicacy that can only be experienced, you guess it, in the street. Temple Street Night Market is one of the most popular night markets to dine on local treats and do some shopping while you’re at it. Try the sweet egg waffles and egg tarts or take on the notorious stinky tofu.
  8. Wontons
    There are several shapes and styles of wontons available in Hong Kong but the most popular are Sichuan-style wontons, famous for their thin skin and rich meat filling of usually chicken, duck or pork. The wontons are served in a clear broth.
  9. Steamed shrimp dumplings
    Also known as Har Gow, the dumplings are the most popular across the city but can also be the most expensive. The dish usually comes with three or four dumplings, served in a bamboo steamer.
  10. Pineapple bread
    Found in nearly every bakery in Hong Kong, pineapple bread is a sweet bun that has a pattern which resembles a pineapple. The traditional buns don’t actually contain pineapple and derive their name from their appearance. Instead, they are topped with a coat of sugar. The buns are best enjoyed hot with a side of milk tea.


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