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There are many reasons why we choose to relocate our families but knowing whether they’re the right reasons or not can be hard to judge. So, when should you consider moving home?

You’ve been offered a job

One of the most common reasons we need to move our families is because we get a job elsewhere. Whether this is in a new city, interstate or overseas, accepting the offer of a new job doesn’t just affect you, it also affects your family. Before you decide to up and move your family home, consider the job and its location carefully. You’ll need to ensure that the new location will suit your family needs as well as, if not better than, your current home.

Need for space

If only the house grew with the family. If your family has grown, you might find that you’re short of rooms, or that you need a larger living space to fit everyone and their belongings in to. Upgrading is a very common reason for families needing to move home. If you find that you’re practically living in the kitchen thanks to the lack of space, it might be time that you look at selling and upgrading to a larger property.

The children’s education

Choosing a school for the kids is not an easy task and parents might find that the schools they prefer are not located close to home. If there’s a school that your child would love to attend, or if you have a school in mind and you fall out of the catchment area, the only solution might be to move house. Before you plant the “For Sale” sign at the front of your house, consider too your child’s future. Will moving closer to that particular high school actually make it more difficult for them to attend university?

Be closer to family

When family is located further away, it can be difficult to live so far from them. Relocating to be closer to family is especially important if your ageing parents or grandparents require extra care.

Climbing costs

As the cost of living continues to rise, it can take a toll on the family home. Sometimes the best solution to managing these growing costs is to relocate to a more affordable home. This could be as simple as moving into a more economical home, or as challenging as moving to a new city or state.

Changes in the makeup of your neighbourhood

As cities continue to grow and change shape, the suburbs and neighbourhoods we call home transform too. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, however, the neighbourhood may change into something you no longer enjoy living in. If you’re not happy with the increasing traffic or construction of high-rise apartments so close to your home, it could be time to think about relocating your family.

No matter what the reason, if you’re planning on relocating, get in touch with Grace. We’ll help you pack and move, and make the whole experience easier and less stressful for your family, including the pets. For more information, or for your obligation-free quote, contact us.