Often mistaken for the country’s capital city, Auckland is an energised hub of activity on New Zealand’s North Island. Relocating to Auckland for work provides the opportunity to thrive in the city, but it’s not without its cons.


The outdoors
Auckland is home to a number of beaches and parklands which means getting active outdoors is easy. The city is also linked via ferry to a number of islands in the harbour, each offering another side of New Zealand culture.

Less crowded
Compare to other major cities around the world, Auckland is not very crowded or busy. During peak hours, traffic on the roads will increase, as well the number of pedestrians on the footpaths, but it’s significantly less busy than peak hour in cities such as London and New York.

As a result of the population being low and the city being quiet, Auckland is a very clean city.

Despite Auckland being the largest city in New Zealand, it is still a very safe city to live. One of the challenges to safety the city experiences is natural disasters like earthquakes. Building regulations protect the city from damage caused by quakes.

Slow pace of life
If you prefer a slower pace of life, but you’re not quite ready to give the city up, Auckland is the place for you. Located by the harbour, the city offers plenty of escape routes from the heart of the city.


Housing costs
House prices in Auckland are ranked among the highest in the world with the average resident forking out more than $900,000 for a house. Demand for supply has also increased in the past few years, suggesting prices won’t be falling any time soon.

Although New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries in the world, Auckland’s location is quite far from any other major city in the world, except of course those in Australia. Long and expensive flights connect Auckland to other major cities in Europe and the United States.

You’ll need a car
Many places just outside of Auckland’s CBD are too far apart to access by walking or on public transport and require a car to access.

Less competition
Due to the smaller population size, there are less career prospects within the city. There are also fewer large businesses to provide the challenges and competition within industry markets than larger cities provide.

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