Moving house is a big task and having the kids around during the process might sound like a bad idea. However, moving during the school holidays can actually be the right idea. There are many benefits to take advantage of during the two weeks off. Here are just a few of them.

Less stress

Moving during the school holidays can be much less stressful than moving during the term. This is especially true for your children who won’t be juggling a complete move and their school work. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about getting the kids to and from school while you’re also navigating the moving process. Extra bonus for not accidentally packing their school shoes in moving box too!

Extra help

Having the children off during the school holidays also means you have extra help around the house for the packing and decluttering. Children might feel more comfortable with moving house if they are in control of decluttering and packing their own room. They can also help keep the pets company on move day and keep them out of the way of removalists.

Less traffic

Peak hour traffic can be less of an issue during the school holidays with less people commuting to and from work and school. There are also no school zones in operation during the holidays which means less slowing down of traffic. That means you’ll be able to relocate much quicker.

Time to settle

Once the actual process of moving is complete, you’ll have more time to unpack and set up the house. You’ll also have more time to show the kids around and get them settled into their new neighbourhood before they have to go back to school. Having the time to settle in before you get back into the routine of school drop offs and daily work commutes is something the entire family can benefit from.

Starting school

Starting a new school is also easier at the beginning of a new term, as opposed to mid-term. Making the move a fresh start for the kids can help them settle into their new routine and environment much sooner.

If you need help moving house during the school holidays, let Grace Removals know. We have more than 100 years’ experience moving people around the country and around the world. You can trust us to pack, move and help set up your entire home, all within the school holidays.