laptop computer

Living in a rapidly evolving digital world can make it easy to forget that not everything is online. But when it comes to moving house, there are a number of systems and processes which can be completed on your phone or laptop. Here are just some of the tasks you can complete online when moving house.

Redirect your post

You don’t need to find time during the day to visit the post office to redirect your post, just head online. Once you have an account, simply log on and update your details.

Connect your electricity and gas

Connecting your electricity and gas is easy to do online as many providers offer online access to accounts. You’ll need to disconnect your old property and connect the new one to your energy suppliers and update the billing details as required.


Update your address

Log on to all of your subscription accounts, banking accounts and the Government’s voting registry to update your contact details. Many subscription services run on a monthly basis so start updating them as you receive emails.

Check the weather

The internet is a great resource to check if it’s going to be wet or dry on your moving day. If it is going to be raining, don’t panic. If you’re hiring removalists to get your move done, they deal with wet weather regularly, so they’re used to it. If you are moving yourself, you might want to rethink your packaging materials and use waterproof coverings on couches and bedding. Also consider laying down sheets on the floors of your new house so you don’t have to worry about mopping up muddy foot prints.


Moving out is as stressful as it is exciting, that’s why it can be easy to leave things behind. You’ll be able to find helpful moving checklists that are interactive, downloadable and printable. At Grace, we’ve put together a helpful interactive online moving checklist to help you move out.

Book your removalist

You can easily book a removalist by heading online. Do your research first to find the removalist who is right for you. Consider looking at their reviews and check out their website to see what services they offer. At Grace, we also provide a free online quote tool. Simply head to the website and fill out the form for your free quote.