When it comes to moving, there are some rooms that are easier to tackle than others.

The home office tends to become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items, piles of paper and keepsakes and this can often make the task of packing it feel monumental. To avoid this office overwhelm, we’ve got three handy tips to help you move your home office.


If you’re juggling work, family and home life, things can start to get hectic. The home office can become the centre of paperwork as well as the place for all the bits and pieces that don’t have a home, including unopened mail. To avoid this becoming daunting, we recommend getting a head start on this clutter chaos by systematically sorting through your papers. Create piles for things that need filing, archiving, actioning or shredding. Set aside your important documents and take them with you on moving day, especially things like passports, insurance information, medical records, school records and anything you wouldn’t want to lose.

Electronic equipment

Before unplugging anything, take a photo of how everything is plugged in so you know what goes where when you’re ready to plug it all back in. Label all the cords before you pack them so you know which plug belongs to what socket. Make sure you use strong packing boxes and use towels or linen to create a soft buffer on the base of the box. Wrap each piece carefully in a towel or bubble wrap, being mindful not to over pack the box. Towels create a great cushion and stop the item from moving around too much in transit. Don’t forget to label the box as ‘fragile’ and make sure to remove the paper tray from the printer before you pack it.

Books and frames

When it comes to books, the smaller and stronger the box, the better. People often think that putting all their books in one box is the most efficient way of moving them but books are heavy and when packed incorrectly, can be fragile. Try and pack similar sized books together and pack them flat if possible. If your walls are lined with accolades, wrap them in high-quality packing paper and if the frame is glass, use plenty of bubble wrap to create cushioning around the frame edges.

If packing gets the better of you, our Grace team and Valet service can help you pack, move and unpack. Our professional team arrive fully equipped with boxes and packing materials, taking the stress away so you can focus on your new surrounds.