Furniture is bulky and often quite heavy, so it’s no surprise that moving it incorrectly can cause injury. Not only can moving furniture cause injury to those doing the heavy lifting, but there is also the risk of causing damage to the item and the walls and floors of the house it is moving in and out of.

Here are five tips to help you move your furniture safely.

  1. Measure first
    Don’t start lifting and moving furniture until you know you can fit it through the door. If you’re dealing with a flight of stairs, you’ll also need to take this into consideration. You might be able to fit the couch in the elevator but it might not go through the front door so have a plan in place for each obstacle you have to overcome.Don’t forget you’re going to have the same issue when you get to your new house. Before you deliver your furniture, measure doorways and hallways.
  2. Disassemble furniture
    Bulky furniture such as beds and lounges are easier to move once they have been disassembled. If furniture can be disassembled, it’s often better to do that. It might create extra work for you but you’ll be able to carry much smaller and lighter pieces of furniture.Not only does disassembling furniture make it easier to carry, it also makes it easier to protect pieces from damages. Individually wrap and protect each piece of furniture before you load them into the back of a moving vehicle.
  3. Opt for sliding
    Where possible, slide your furniture instead of lifting and carrying them. Make sure you protect your floorboards and tiles with towels or cardboard and don’t strain yourself by pushing large furniture pieces.
  4. Protect your furniture
    Keep your furniture safe from damage during the moving process and use high-quality packaging material. Make sure when you’re packing the moving truck that you consider the other items being packed. Furniture is big and bulky and can cause damage to other items in the truck during transit so make sure everything is secured properly.
  5. Ask for help
    Moving furniture is a risky and time-consuming business so when in doubt, call in help. Grace removalists know how to lift and move furniture without causing damage to the pieces or injury to themselves or others. Our trained staff are the people to rely on when it comes to moving house locally, interstate or internationally. We only use the highest quality packing materials to keep your furniture safe throughout the entire move process. Get your free online quote now and leave the rest to us.