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The rise in overseas temporary workers has had a positive impact on jobs and wages in New Zealand, according to a new report released last week.

Using figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Statistics New Zealand and Inland Revenue, The Rise of Temporary Migration and its Impact on the New Zealand Labour Market is the first report of its kind that specifically considers the effect of temporary migration over the past decade on existing workers.

Temporary migration to New Zealand includes people categorised broadly as workers and international students. Temporary work policies are designed to allow employers to recruit temporary workers from overseas to meet particular or seasonal labour shortages while protecting employment opportunities and conditions for New Zealand workers.

Far from taking the jobs of locals, the report found temporary migrants are having a positive impact on the employment and earnings of New Zealanders overall, and particularly in dairy farming, the horticulture/viticulture industry, and the hospitality sector.

According to the report, the decade to 2011 has seen considerable growth in the use of temporary migrants including international students to fill labour market gaps in New Zealand. This growth coincided with a period of strong economic growth and associated skills shortages.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse has welcomed the findings of the report which supports the Government’s policy.

“The Government has a clear policy that New Zealanders should be given first priority for jobs, but our labour market has always relied on overseas workers to fill certain gaps and in areas of particular skill shortages,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“The research concludes that temporary migrants and New Zealanders are complementary sources of labour. Put simply, migrant workers are helping create an economy with more jobs and higher wages for New Zealanders.”

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