It’s no secret that moving is up there among life’s more stressful experiences. The roller-coaster of house hunting is enough to leave even the most seasoned mover feeling a little dispirited. If there’s one thing that Grace really understands, it’s how complex moving can be. Our moving consultants have put together a few of tips to help you get out of your relocation rut and get happily ensconced in your new home.


Bring The Balance Back

Beating the moving blues starts way before your actual moving day; the number one rule is to always be prepared. The process of packing and moving is one of those tasks that can creep up on us, leaving us feeling completely overwhelmed. On the other hand, being over-prepared and packing your entire home and contents eight weeks early can be just as disruptive. To avoid overload, we’ve put together a pre-move checklist which plots out a plan to make your move manageable.


Create Community

Humans are creatures of habit and if there’s anything that can throw your routine into disarray – it’s moving. If you’re moving with kids and pets, creating a community and getting familiar with your new surroundings can help you feel more settled and less daunted by the unfamiliar. A great time to get to know your neighbourhood is before you move. Start by driving through and discovering your new local hangouts and make sure you lock in your future latte local.


Be Realistic

Moving is physically and emotionally tiring, so it’s completely normal to feel flat after a move. Be kind to yourself and take your time settling in. Once the removalist has left and you’re staring at a living room of brown boxes, it’s normal to feel daunted. Everybody’s process is different – some people feel more comfortable unpacking instantly and others are not phased by the chaos and prefer to take their time. Be realistic and don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if you’re juggling a family, pets and your own exhaustion.