Long-term storage tips

There are many reasons why people look for long-term storage solutions. Maybe they’re temporarily moving overseas, perhaps they’ve been deployed or maybe they just want to travel, whatever the reason, long-term storage is useful service that can help you.

Sadly, trying to figure out what to do and how to store your items can be stressful. Also, depending on your circumstances, it may be better to choose a nomadic approach, have no physical address and keep all your valuables in a purpose-built storage unit. At Grace, we have been the experts in storage solutions for over 100 years and understand everything storage related. Below are some tips we’d like to share with you if you’re thinking about long-term storage.

Decide which items you want to store

First and foremost, determine which items you want to store. This may sound simple, but it’s the most important step you’ll take. When deciding which objects you’d like to store, you should think about whether:

  • You’ll be using this item again in the future – if not, then maybe it doesn’t need to be stored, saving you space and decreasing storage fees. Then again, if you do decide to keep the object, it may help you save money as you don’t need to repurchase a similar item.
  • The item is valuable, sentimental or useful – Family heirlooms, furniture and even written family recipes are some items that you may want to keep and pass on to your children or relatives.

Create an inventory list

By now, you should’ve decided which objects you’d like to store. The next step is to create a detailed inventory list that tells you what the item is, how many and its current condition. By having a detailed inventory, you can easily identify what you’ve placed in storage. Also, make sure you keep several copies and an electronic version for quick reference.

Get proper storage containers

To ensure that your valuables last the duration of its storage period, you need to use the right packing containers. Below are some things you should consider:

  • Purchasing new cardboard boxes – not only are they stronger and cleaner but they’re free of holes and damages.
  • Inspecting the containers, you’re planning to use – if you’re planning to reuse old cardboard boxes, make sure you carefully check that they are sturdy, dry, with zero signs of moisture or infestation.
  • Using plastic bins – these will last longer than cardboard boxes and you can easily see what you’ve put inside as they’re usually transparent.
  • Avoiding plastics bags – plastic bags are notorious for trapping moisture and humidity, which can cause mould and mildew.

Prepare your belongings for long-term storage

Great! You’ve decided what to store and have chosen your container of choice, the next step is to prepare your belonging for long-term storage. A couple of simple but key steps you can take to make sure your items last includes:

  • Clean, wash and dry your belongings.
  • Think twice about vacuum seals – it’s a great space saving tool but they’re not garment friendly.
  • Disassemble large items – this makes moving and packing furniture such as drawers easier.

Label, label, label

This is a simple but crucial step. Labelling properly can save you valuable time when you’re unpacking, because you don’t need to open random boxes to see what’s inside. If you decided to use plastic bins, make sure you label these too, it’ll make unpacking even quicker. Also, make sure you mark fragile items with a red marker or fragile tape.

Insure your items

Many storage facilities require that you insure your goods prior to storage and for good reasons. Insuring your items ensures that they’re protected from other risks such as fire, earthquake, storm, floods, pests and theft.

Hire a long-term storage expert

Of course, if you prefer to take the hassle out of storing, then Grace Removals’ storage solutions may be for you. With our tailored and secure storage solutions, we can help you ensure that your precious valuables are packed, moved and stored properly. Our wooden storage containers are maintained with the highest standards, and are dust-free, clean and protected by state-of-the-art security systems. Our storage facilities adhere to strict to pest control protocols and are monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV and our staff.

To find out how Grace can help you store your belongings long term or to learn more about our affordable storage solutions, contact us or call us on 0800 472 2369.