When preparing for a long distance move, either across country or international, there is a lot to remember in ensure it is a stress free move as possible.

While you might be planning on moving hundreds or thousands of kilometres away, the everyday grind of life continues, so we have prepared a moving checklist to help you navigate through the mindfield of relocating.

5 to 8 weeks before moving

  • Run down supplies of frozen and perishable food
  • Sell large appliances that you will not take
  • Tell your friends and relatives that you’re moving
  • Notify your children’s school
  • Prepare an inventory of everything

4 weeks before moving

  • Begin setting aside any important documents such as medical and school records
  • If renting, notify your landlord
  • Arrange transportation of family pets

3 weeks before moving

  • Notify your change of address with your solicitor, local council, insurance companies and accountant
  • Arrange the sale of any vehicle that will not be going with you

2 weeks before moving

  • Notify the bank

7 days before moving

  • Redirect your mail to your new address through the Post Office
  • Notify the Tax Office
  • Change address on license and registration for vehicles

5 days before moving

  • Collect any items being serviced. E.g. dry cleaning or shampoo
  • Confirm new phone number and date of connection
  • Finalise utility accounts including disconnection and connection at new address

3 days before moving

  • Cancel any home services. E.g. lawn mowing or cleaning
  • Empty rubbish bins and clear out the garage
  • Dispose of flammables and fuel from lawn mower and other machinery

1 day before moving

  • Defrost fridge and freezer. Wash out the interior of the fridge
  • Make sure gas, electricity and water meters have been read

On the big day

  • Carry all important documents with you
  • Make sure all taps, gas , electrical switches and lights are turned off
  • Lock doors, windows and collect all keys
  • Double check that nothing has been left behind

To see the full Grace moving checklist click here, or alternatively contact one of our friendly team members who will be able to help you through the moving process on 0800 472 2369.