Summer is nearly here and there’s no better way to cope with the heat than to blast the air conditioner, all summer long. But with energy bills on the rise and the need to save money ever prominent, it’s time to look into more natural and cost effective ways to keep the house cooler, without having to rely on the air conditioner all day and night.

  1. Keep the curtains closed
    Windows are a natural conductor of heat so invest in blackout curtains and keep them closed during the day. Blackout curtains block sunlight, naturally insulating the room and keeping the heat out. Closing the blinds and drawing the curtains will help prevent your house from becoming a greenhouse.


  1. Open up the house at night
    Open your doors and windows at night and allow the cooler weather to make its way through your home. Turn off the lights to stop them from emitting any extra heat. Use fans to help spread the cool night breeze around the house. Just remember to close those windows before the sun heats the house up again in the morning!


  1. Create shade
    Plant shady trees and greenery around the house, especially near the windows, to prevent the sunlight from entering through the glass during the day. Vines and tall shrubs are the quickest growing greenery for an immediate effect, but they are harder to maintain so consider longer term options like trees. Install awnings and shutters over your windows to help further block the sunshine from entering the house.


  1. Cook outside
    Using an oven or a stove inside a hot house is only going to make it hotter. Instead, take your cooking outside and use the barbeque. If you do have to cook inside, turn the kitchen fan on to remove that hot air before it spreads throughout the house or consider grilling your food to produce less heat.


  1. Heat proof your bed
    Change the sheets on the bed to materials that breathe and allow your body to vent during the night. If that’s not enough, try placing a frozen water bottle under the sheets at the foot of your bed to keep the temperature down while you sleep.


Don’t let your home become an oven this summer and be smart about the ways you keep the house cool.