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Transporting a painting is no easy task, and it’s made riskier by transporting it internationally. Packing and transporting a painting overseas is both a science and an art. The process requires a lot of thought and careful planning at each stage to ensure its safe arrival, free from damage. Here are some best practices to follow when transporting a painting internationally.

  1. Protect your painting
    Wrap your painting in protective materials to prevent any damage to the canvas. Wrapping your painting in paper or bubble wrap will protect it from damage caused by fingers, stains, chemicals and materials. It’ll also protect your art from smudges, tears, breakages and environmental conditions such as heat and dampness.


  1. Weigh and measure your painting
    You’ll need to know both the weight and dimensions of your painting when it comes to shipping it. Most companies will use these measurements to charge you for the delivery. You’ll also find these dimensions useful when it comes to picking a box and crate to move your painting in.


  1. Pack your painting
    Now that your painting is wrapped in protective materials, it’s time to box and crate it. Boxes and crates prevent the painting from external damages. Crates are specially made moving boxes that are designed to protect your paintings while in transit and on the move. They can be custom made to fit your painting snugly, protecting it from any movement within the box. You should only pack one painting per crate, as paintings can damage each other when touching inside a box.


  1. Shipping and customs
    When it comes to customs, the rules and regulations that apply will depend on the country you are exporting from and importing into, especially where antiques are concerned. For more information on a country’s specific regulations surrounding the customs of paintings, visit their official government websites.


  1. Insurance
    Despite the measures you take to protect your painting on its journey to another country, certain risks do fall out of your control. This can include things like border protections and customs officers opening the packaging to inspect an item as well as weather conditions and accidents occurring while the painting is in transit.


  1. Professionals
    At Grace, we understand the value of your paintings and how fragile they are when it comes to transporting them internationally. That’s why we provide professional services to ensure the safety of your fine art at every step of the process. We’ll provide a comprehensive consultation to ensure you receive the best service for your painting. We can custom build a crate to ensure it arrives safe and take care of the customs side of things. Get in touch with us for more information on transporting your painting internationally.