moving kids

The lead up to an international move can be an exciting time for you and your kids. Understandably, it can also be fraught with a biting sense of anxiety around all of the unknowns. Moving children to a new life in a new place requires careful consideration as the move itself can be a source of great stress. At Grace, we know the forces you’re up against and can provide logistical support with properly preparing your children for their upcoming journey. We’re more than a removalist, we’re a practical partner with loads of experience and we’re here to help.

Involve Your Kids

Before the move, there are a number of ways to involve your kids in order to make it easier on them. Depending on their age, their level of involvement will differ; older kids, for example, can contribute in more active ways – ask them to help you choose your new home or select the school they want to go to. It’s important to involve little ones too as feeling part of it can combat and calm any anxieties they might be feeling. Ask your younger children for their input in deciding which bedroom will be theirs or about what colours you’ll paint the walls.

Give Them Closure

Once children reach school age they’re often well aware of the things that they’ll be leaving behind. Helping them prepare, adjust and then settle into their new home, new friends and new school requires much more preparation than a move with toddlers. A big part of preparing your kids for the move is giving them time and space to say their farewells. Offer to host a farewell party or some kind of social event where they can say goodbye in their own time. It can help to acknowledge that this can be a form of grieving and help them through the process.

Get Organised

To aid your child’s emotional adjustment during a big move, it’s important to get on top of all your logistics. Research your new country, state and neighbourhood in order to learn as much as possible. Bear in mind, you may need to learn a new language; there are some fantastic apps to aid you with this. Make sure your passports, visas and other official documentation are updated and ready to go. If you’re unsure of anything, please don’t hesitate to speak to your Grace consultant about our range of relocation services.