The career path is different for everyone and every industry, but it no longer seems to be a step up the corporate ladder. Previously, employees working in the corporate industry would work to climb up in position, always working to achieve the next level.

Employees still have aspirations, but they’re no longer in an upwards position or managerial roles. Instead, many organisations are turning to internal mobility programs, allowing employees to move horizontally, as opposed to upwards.

Internal mobility allows employees to move between roles at any level within in the business, and across different locations. It’s a career advancement solution that helps companies with talent acquisition and retention.

How to support internal mobility

Identify your high-performing employees

Monitor your employees for aspiration and engagement abilities. High performers are those who take pride in their work and do a great job. Once you’ve identified the employees you think are ready for further career development, it’s time to foster that.

Support their multi-directional career moves

Create a career path that meets employee’s needs and allows them to achieve their own personal career goals as well as those you have set for the business and that particular role. Consider the best locations you can send your employee to continue their great work and help support other teams.

Establish a program

Your program needs to address your business goals for employees who wish to take part in internal career development. Outline what it takes for your employees to be able to take advantage of the program such as minimal service or manager approval.

Set clear goals

You’ll need to be able to measure the success of your internal mobility program. Your goals should include retention levels and employee engagement among other things.

Provide learning opportunities

Even though the move is an internal one, there will still be addition training requirements. Online tools are a great way to provide your employees with access to real-time training, making it easy for them to continue their training once they’ve relocated overseas.

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