packing art

Protecting your fine art pieces may be a precious process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Knowing which packaging materials to use on which piece of art is something we at Grace are experts at. Here’s our guide to protecting your fine art pieces with packaging materials.


Bubble Wrap is probably the first packaging material that comes to mind when you start thinking about protecting your fine art. Bubble wrap is a great material to use when you’re protecting delicate glassware or odd shaped pieces.

Using Tyveck is a great way to protect wax and oil painting from sticking to other wrapping materials like cardboard and bubble wrap. The paper won’t damage the art work by moving or smudging the paint.


Foam is a great source of padding and protection for a number of fine art pieces, depending on their size and shape. Pointed edges are a weak spot during transportation and need to be protected further from hitting the sides of their crate or snapping off from the force of moving. Foam adds a barrier between the piece of art and its surroundings, keeping it safe from damage.


Although it might not seem it, cardboard is a very versatile material for packing. Cardboard can prevent art works from slipping and sliding during transit by providing a slip-free base inside a moving van. Cardboard can also prevent damage caused by friction of art works rubbing on one another by separating them during transportation. Cardboard boxes are also a great way to store frames during transit and storage to avoid any further damage.


Although moving crates come in a range of different shapes and sizes, finding the best one to suit your piece of work may still be difficult. Custom made crates are a great way to ensure each and every piece of art is kept safe during transportation across country or internationally by fitting the piece of art perfectly. A custom crate can protect each piece of fine art individually.

Be resourceful

Packaging materials don’t always have to be conventional so think outside the box when it comes to protecting your works of art. Yoga mats make great padding in place of cardboard and foam and their thin shape means they can be moulded to fit around works of art. Blankets and towels also add an extra layer of protection during transportation.

Although packaging fine art might sound like a simple task, it’s also a very risky one. Hire the fine art experts at Grace to get your valuables from point A to B, damage-free.