Grace Removals has partnered with I AM HOPE to tackle children’s mental health


Earlier this year, the Grace Group decided to revamp its CSR activities to cover a range of issues that are important to us. We conducted internal surveys to find out what topics our team wanted to tackle to ensure that we contribute to our community. Based on these surveys, we discovered the key issues we need to focus on are: The Environment, Indigenous Opportunities and Mental Health.  

We’ve already committed to assisting the environment through our partnership with Greenfleet, and we’ve recently launched our new collaboration with the Indigenous Literary Foundation to provide children in remote Australian communities with access to books and resources to help improve their literacy levels. Now, we’re extremely proud to announce our latest partnership with I AM HOPE to help tackle children’s mental health in New Zealand.

Mental health is an essential part of our overall wellbeing. It affects how we feel, think, act, deal with stress, our relationships with others and how we make decisions. Key issues that can affect our mental health includes:

  • Our lifestyle and diet
  • Our work life
  • Our access to essential items such as food, clothing and shelter
  • Our relationships with others and our communities

In children, studies show that problems with mental health can cause1 short-term issues such as “interference with education and development milestones”, as well as long-term effects that can influence future employment opportunities and their overall quality of life. The image below shows the number of mental health sufferers in New Zealand among children and young adults.

The key purpose of our partnership with our I AM HOPE is to help improve mental health in children and adolescents. “I AM HOPE is the youth and community focused support group run by The Key to Life Charitable Trust, started by Mike King. For the last three years Key To Life have been promoting positive attitudinal societal change in schools and communities up and down the country, and funding private care and counselling for young people stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists”.2

I AM HOPE helps children and young adults coping with mental health issues through:

  • Free Mental Health Counselling
  • School, Corporate and Public Talks
  • Fundraising and Advocacy

“Mental health is an issue that is close to our hearts. Although the number of mental health issues among children and young adults in New Zealand is relatively small compared to other parts of the world, it’s important that we address the issue early and ensure that current cases are resolved” said Scott Bartram, Regional General Manager AU and New Zealand. “Grace Removals is passionate about raising awareness and advocating mental health, and we’re ready to support I AM HOPE in all facets of their campaign.”

Grace Removals New Zealand is part of Grace Worldwide (Aust). Our expert team members can help you whether you or your business is relocating locally or internationally. Our complete door-to-door service can take care of the entire process from packing, loading to unpacking and set-up at your new place. To speak to one of our team members call us 0800 472 2369 or fill in a form here. Also, to learn more about I AM HOPE, go here.

1 Bowden et al, 2020, Case identification of mental health and related problems in children and young people using the New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure.



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