fine art

In a world where everything tends towards the same trends, an art buyer can source unique and diverse artworks from the incredible pool of talent and skills throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Finding the right art that acts as an extension of your tastes and personality helps in creating an individual space. Without the time or savvy to know which galleries and exhibitions to visit, purchasing art can be daunting prospect. An art buyer brings technical expertise and aesthetic sensitivity to bring the art to you.

Altering With Art

The right art can transform the spaces we work and play in, creating an inspirational, dynamic and unique visual impact. The real gift of art is not in having something to hang on your wall for its own sake, but in the feelings it generates when you see it. Acquiring art is not just about ‘having’ but rather about collecting works and pieces that make your heart happy. To create contrast, mix up the mediums when adding to your collection to give your home character and personality. Art is the final layer your home, giving it personality, individuality and impact.

Storing and Packing

Start by cleaning away dust with a microfiber cloth and use bubble-wrap and protective cardboard corners on your framed works. Stand your artworks up rather than laying them flat. If there’s humidity – rolling up works on canvas can be problematic as the oil can become tacky and compromise your piece. If you’re storing art at home, ensure your pieces are kept in a location where the temperature is controlled, free of moisture and exposure to light.

Some paper can yellow and warp to a point where restoration costs will outweigh the costs of storing your item in a secure facility. Lastly, label your boxes – if you’re storing priceless artworks, make sure you remember where they are. Always use a specialised removalist when transporting art. With systems in place to protect your valuable art and artefacts, Grace will pack and crate your artworks appropriately and store them in a climate controlled environment.

Top Tips

The sun can be harsh and harmful on your artworks. Even reflected light can cause paper to yellow and sometimes even disintegrate. To protect your pieces, it’s worthwhile investing in UV projected glass or perspex and avoid hanging framed artworks on paper in direct sunlight. Oil or acrylic artworks are a lot tougher but will also fade over time. Over a lifetime, we acquire art that becomes part of who we are and, while the pieces may not have commercial value, they are precious to us. Art crosses a range of mediums including glass, metal, wood, ceramics, fiber, paper and oil. All these can be affected by light and moisture, so carefully consider where you put them.