The world is a fast evolving space with technology changing and influencing corporate mobility on a global scale. In the next five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to rapidly influence the workplace, helping to assist mobility teams and international assignees. Mobility, combined with cloud-based computing, is changing business to help increase immediacy, relevance and intelligence.

The power of AI

Most mobility technology systems produce cost estimates, manage vendors and conduct reporting, but AI is expected to change the way we access the systems and use the data we hold. AI is expected to play a large part in making sense of the limitless amounts of data mobility companies process. With an increase in computing power, AI algorithms can be used to enable powerful predictive analytics, limiting the need for human activity at every stage of the data process.

Helping relocating assignees

AI chat bots are also expected to learn how to understand the questions that an assignee may raise while living and working overseas. With access to all of the data that relates to that assignee, the AI technology can provide timely answers to these questions without using the mobility team’s human resources. This means that questions can be answered at any time of the day to adjust to international time differences.

Integrating data

The more our global technology improves and develops, the more efficient it becomes for mobility teams to access integrated data from a single web-based interface. Managing data from one streamlined source of truth is the most effective way to manage a relocating employee. This integration of data from multiple providers’ systems is also beneficial for security, managing to tighten it.

Creating portable services

With future developments in technology, it’s also possible for mobility companies to rebuild business processes to work in a mobile world. By connecting phones and tablets to relevant programs and the data and information they need, mobility teams and relocating assignees are able to access information on the go and in real time. This means that the same information can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.

Whether the technological developments, especially those of AI, have such dramatic influences on the mobility industry in the next five years or if we’re still more than ten years’ off, Grace Mobility are on top of the trends. We make it our priority to stay ahead of the game when it comes to mobility technology so we can consistently provide the most secure and reliable mobility services around the world.