Fine art

Creating an office space your staff want to work in can be difficult. There are many different preferences and styles at play. However, art is one of the easiest ways to liven up the workspace and appeal to your team. Even better, for businesses purchasing art before the end of financial year, you may be able to claim deductions but it’s always best to speak to your accountant before making that decision.

Increase productivity

Contrary to popular belief that art is distracting in the office, it’s actually known to boost productivity, lower stress and increase staff wellbeing. The reason behind the science is that staff work better and feel happier when their workspace is enriched with things like art. Kenetic artwork too has been known to increase productivity as it offers workers the chance to escape from their work and focus their energy on something else.

Make the art fit

Choosing just any old piece of art is not going to cut it. Your office still needs to be inviting and accommodating for your staff. The company colours exist for a reason and so, they should be incorporated into your office art where possible. Try to align your art with the feelings you want to evoke in your staff. If the nature of your business’s work is high-stress, you’ll want to create a calm environment to work in. Cool colours such as blues and purples can help to achieve this.

Mix it up

Don’t think of office art as solely paintings on canvas. Mix it up to include murals and sculptures. Don’t stick to classic art designs either and try to support local artists where possible. If your business has a large history, consider displaying historic photographs or images of the staff doing what they do best.

Less is better than nothing

If you’re not committed to the idea of decorating your office space, start small and work your way up. Finding art that comes under your company’s budget and doesn’t break the bank might not initially look like much, but everything helps to make a difference.

Getting art to your office

Now that you’ve decided on some statement pieces to brighten up your workspace, it’s time to get them delivered and installed. Grace is one of Australia’s leading providers of fine art transportation. We work with leading galleries and avid art collectors across the country, preparing art for travel and keeping it safe from point A to point B. From our customised crating and packaging services, to our domestic and international transport and tracking services, you can count on us to deliver and install your office art in one piece.