Fine art

Sometimes having children and pets can have you questioning whether or not you can have nice things in the house, especially fine art and collectable antiques. With the right approach to storage, caring and handling, you can! You don’t have to hide your fine art away any longer, instead, it’s time to display and embrace it.

First step: Temperature and humidity

Before you consider bringing fine art into your family home you must first consider the relative humidity and temperature of the room you’ll be keeping your art in. Many fine art pieces can be affected by extreme variables in these conditions and so they need to be monitored carefully. If the room you’re planning on storing your art in receives a lot of direct sunlight, you’ll need to rethink the placement of your art as the temperature of the room will fluctuate too much throughout the day.

Avoid sunlight

One of the most damaging things your fine art can come into contact with is not only your children’s sticky hands, but also direct sunlight. UV rays have the potential to damage your art beyond repair. Sunlight has been known to discolour and fade paintings, as well as make antiques sweat.

Keep art out of reach

To avoid the kids and any four-legged members of the family leaving their mark on your valuable art, keep it out of reach. If it’s a sculpture you’re planning on putting on display, consider displaying this in a room where the children and pets aren’t allowed to enter. If you can, keep your collectables and art in a cabinet where it can be displayed and appreciated but also protected.

Clean regularly

The environment you keep and display your art and antiques in needs to be free of any dust and grime. Clean the area regularly to avoid the collection of dust, fur and hair that can cause damage to your art and antiques.

Wait until the kids are older

If you don’t have the space in the house and the children aren’t yet old enough to appreciate the value of your fine art, store it with the experts and bring it back when the family is ready. Grace Fine Art provide high quality storage facilities to ensure your fine art and antiques are protected while you house train the pets and the kids. We’ll also deliver and install your art when you’re ready to have it back at home. For more information on how we can help you store your fine art, contact us.