One of the most common issues employers face when bringing staff back from overseas is retaining them. Many business HR departments put retention as their number one priority in keeping the business functioning. Staff turnover is expensive and top performers help to drive business performance so it’s something worth investing time in to improve. Here are some of the ways you can help to retain your staff.

Make your employee’s experience a good one

Make your employee’s international assignment something they enjoy by covering off every aspect of the process. Ensure they and their family, should they take them, are comfortable and well received. If they’re moving to a completely new country, ensure your employee is familiar with the culture and that their partner and/or children are also settled in.

To ensure this part of the schedule goes to plan, call in the experts. Grace Mobility Specialists provide tailored solutions for successful employee mobility. Grace will deal with your employee and look after all of the details, reporting back to your HR department on your behalf.

Provide constant feedback

We all like to know how we’re performing, and for your team members on international assignment, you’ll need to continue this during and after their placement. Feedback doesn’t have to come in the form of expensive gifts, but rather praise. Employees seek recognition for the work they produce and like to know it’s enough.

Set clear goals

Set clear goals your employees can follow and understand before they return from their international assignment to avoid them leaving. If these are not clear, they may feel as though the experience was wasted, or that their input is no more valuable.

Setting clear goals that are achievable and realistic will also give your employee new challenges and career prospects so they don’t feel dissatisfied and look elsewhere for opportunities.

Provide a succession plan

Many businesses are now discovering a way to provide career progression paths within the organisation for their current employees. Not only does promoting from within the business help employees feel that there is room for them to grow, it also helps to lower costs and reduce time spent hiring new staff.

Continue to measure and improve

The most important part of your retention schedule is monitoring its performance. There’s no point in continuing to do something if it’s not working. Ask your employees for their feedback, listen and take it on board. It’s not enough to provide them a communication channel if they’re not getting anything back from you.

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