With Christmas now a distant blur of tinsel, removing the boughs of Holly from the hallways can be a bit of a buzz kill. Rather than pretending it’s Christmas for the next 11 months, there are ways to pack down your festivities. Here are a few practical tips to keep your tree looking fresh and your tinsel looking tops.

Your dainty decorations

Baubles tend to be sentimentally collected over a lifetime. Because they’re often bought individually, they’re generally not boxed and often fragile. Wrap them carefully in packaging paper and store them in our small and extra sturdy book cartons.
Top tip: Use bubble wrap or extra packaging paper as a buffer between items and don’t forget to label the box.

Your tremendous tree

Obviously, if you’ve used a fresh Christmas tree, you probably won’t want to be storing it till next year. Depending on the size of your fabulously fake tree, lay it flat and wrap straps around the tree to keep the branches safe and tight. Wrap the tree in bubble wrap and secure with tape.
Top tip: Don’t apply tape directly to the tree as it may cause damage to the plastic needles.

Your lovely lights

In the case of lights vs. human, lights always win. It seems that no matter how well you wind them up, they seem to magically tangle in storage. If you’ve got empty jars lying around your kitchen, wrap the lights around the outside of the jar and store the cord and plug inside it. If you don’t have any jars, you can use a sheet of cardboard instead.
Top tip: The small bulbs are very fragile, so wrap your lights in bubble wrap and store them in a box.

Your Santa costume

Santa’s costume should generally be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture ruining the fabric. Wrap the suit in a layer of packaging paper and store together with your stockings or fabric decorations in one of our sturdy packaging bags. If you’ve got a few costumes, a wardrobe box may be your best storage option.
Top tip: Give your Santa suit lots of breathing room to avoid any musty odours setting in.