Christchurch Cathedral

For more than six years, Christchurch Cathedral has stood as a reminder of the deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake that shook the city in February, 2011. This month, the Anglican Church in New Zealand announced it will be rebuilding the cathedral.

The Gothic Revival-style cathedral was one of the city’s top tourist attractions before the earthquake toppled its spire and ruined much of its structure. Since then, its future has been the subject of legal action.

The main points of dispute have been over who should pay for any action taken, and whether the remains should be rebuilt or cleared away to make room for a new design.

The Anglican Church will rebuild Christchurch Cathedral to its basic design, but it will be strengthened for future earthquakes and improved with better heating and seating.

The entire project is expected to take ten years and cost $104 million.

So who will be footing the bill? Well, that’s going to be picked up by the church, taxpayers and donors.