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The decision to relocate the family is a hard one, but there are ways to make the move less stressful for the children. Making a smooth transition between schools is one way to help make the big change more manageable. So, how do you go about making it easier for the kids to handle?

Get the facts

Since the introduction of the Australian Curriculum, there are fewer differences between schools regarding the expectations for each grade. If you’re moving interstate, factors such as which grade your child will be placed in, will vary. The best source of information is from the schools directly, both the old and the new schools.

Extra help

If your children are struggling to keep up with the work load at their new school, or if the topics that are covered in class are something completely new, consider getting extra help. This can include a personal tutor, extra classes at the school or extra help from their teacher/s.


Use your words and communicate with your children. Listen to their doubts and concerns regarding their new school so you can better focus on making the transition easier for them. If your children are young and are attending primary school, it’s also worth asking their current teacher to speak to their new teacher as they’re the best source of information on their learning abilities, strengths and potential in school.

Focus on social

Everything is easier with friends! Encourage your kids to be social at their new school and help them make new friends as they will be able to settle in more when they have a social network to support them. Sign your children up to extracurricular activities like music classes or sports and foster their hobbies to ensure they enjoy themselves and meet likeminded people. This is a great way to help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Make time

Give your children the time they need to feel comfortable with and settle into their new school. This needs to take as long as it needs to. Don’t forget that your kids are growing and changing and their needs and wants will change too. Instead of rushing them into extra activities or forcing them to spend time with different people, support them to work it all out on their own terms.

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