Statues are a great addition to any garden, even balcony container gardens. Keeping your garden sculptures in the best condition possible doesn’t have to be difficult. You might not be able to protect them from the elements of the weather, but there are a few small things you can do to help them survive.

Cleaning and maintaining sculptures

While washing garden sculptures, be careful not to damage any of the more delicate parts which may chip with vigorous cleaning. Most sculptures can be cleaned with soap and water, but there are a few materials for which this won’t do.

  • Marble: use white vinegar and water and never use bleach
  • Bronze: use soap and water
  • Aluminum: use soap and water
  • Stone: use water
  • Iron: scrape with sandpaper, then wash with soap and water with a wire brush
  • Wood: wash with soap and water and scrub with the grain of the wood
  • Concrete: wash with soap and water
  • Plastic: wash with soap and water
  • Lead: wash with soap and water and a wire brush
  • Paint: only wash with soap and water if necessary.

Keep your painted sculptures off the ground, preferably in a covered area so that the sun and rain won’t make the colour fade.

Packing and moving sculptures

When moving house, you probably assume you have to leave your garden sculptures behind. But with Grace, you don’t have to. At Grace, we specialise in moving unique, fine art and valuable sculptures among other things. You can trust Grace to relocate your sculptures and store them for safe keeping for any length of time.

We keep your sculptures safe with premium packing materials, before placing them into custom crates during transit and delivery.

So when you’re ready to relocate your sculptures, get in touch with us.