Grace New Zealand Blog

Once upon a time, there was a young family who decided it was time to move to a country where the pace of life was calmer. Somewhere they could have the opportunity to raise their newborn son surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes the world has to offer.

Lilly, Leon and Orson are the heroes of this story. After their recent move to New Zealand from Australia with Grace Removals, Lilly and Leon found themselves surrounded by some empty boxes in their new home. Like any family with a newborn baby, Lilly and Leon found their social life altered as they spent many of their weekends at home taking care of baby Orson. So in order to make this time more fun and entertaining for themselves (and baby Orson) they created Cardboard Box Office.

Using all those left over boxes from their move and anything else they could find lying around the house, they started to re-create the scenes from their favourite movies and television shows. As they put it themselves, “the costumes, props, and sets in Cardboard Box Office are created entirely out of everyday household items, toys, cardboard, and three individuals slowly losing their sanity.”

Cardboard Box Office is certainly a pleasurable spectacle offering an insight into how simple concepts and creative thinking, (not to mention some spare time and skilful cutting and taping skills) can transform ideas into remarkable tongue-in-cheek inventiveness that entertains thousands of fans across the world.

Grace Removals (New Zealand) is very proud to be part of this story, supplying Cardboard Box Office with a steady stream of recycled cardboard boxes to help their creativity flourish.

If this is the first time you are hearing about Cardboard Box Office, we highly recommend that you visit their website or join them on one their many Social Media pages.