Bringing your pet with you on an international assignment might seem like a great idea, but have you considered the potential cons? Although it’d be great to have your furry friend close by, it might not be what’s best for them. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of bringing your pet with you on an international assignment.


Familiar friend

Bringing your pet along with you for the experience means you’ll have someone you know, trust and love with you to support you through the experience. Moving overseas is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re moving somewhere new. While the stressful experience may seem difficult to handle, a pet can make it a little easier.

Never saying goodbye

Leaving your pet behind is difficult on a daily basis, let alone for an extended period of time. Save your extended family and friends from becoming pet sitters and bring your pet with you. Our pets are part of the family after all.

The whole family

If you’re relocating for work with your family in toe, it would be nice to include the furry ones too. Your children will also appreciate having their furry friend with them for the experience as they too will need a familiar friend to come home to.

Way to meet new people

Bringing your pets along with you can make it easier to meet people. Your pooch will still require daily walks and time with other furry friends. Discover new pet-loving communities at your new local dog park or join social clubs through your new veterinarian.



Travelling internationally with your pet requires the process of quarantine which can be time consuming and costly. Quarantine processes are not fast moving which means your pet may be stuck in a holding facility for anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Pet friendly accommodation

Finding somewhere to stay that allows pets can be a struggle depending on where you’re being relocated to. Consider whether or not you will be allowed to bring your pet with you as many rental properties will not allow pets.

Having time to care for them

Depending on your new assignment, you may not have the time you normally would to spend with your pet. You might not get time to walk your dog due to client meetings, or just because you’re taking the time to adjust to the new role. If you’re not going to be able to spend quality time with your pet, they may feel neglected and bored.

Returning home

Your pet may not be allowed back into the country, depending on where you’re moving to. You may also have to wait weeks or even months before your pet can return home due to strict quarantine laws. Leaving your pet in a country you’re not overly familiar with might be difficult, especially for the rest of your family.

Still have questions? Speak to one of our helpful Mobility Specialists about relocating your pet as part of your international assignment.