You’re on the home stretch. It’s been months of house hunting, planning and packing. With one week ‘til the big move, you’re probably starting to wonder how you’re going to get it all done. This part of the process can be daunting with your life packed in boxes and seemingly endless loose ends to tie up. No matter how organised you are, there are some tasks that can only be done at this stage. We’ve put together some countdown considerations to get you across the line.

Personal Bits And Pieces

Pack your valuables and personal items into a separate box and make sure it’s clearly marked. Jewellery, passports, important documents and sentimental items are things you might want to keep close in the car on moving day. Make sure it’s recognisable in the sea of brown boxes.

Keep Your Keys Close

Keys tend to go walkabout at the best of times, but around moving day, they will appear to develop legs. Now is the time to gather all your keys and clearly label them. Keep your spare car keys handy and make sure someone close by has a second set just in case.

Pack A Go-to Bag

Moving is mentally and physically exhausting, and it will take a few days to get settled and unpacked. Having a go-to bag ready with a fresh set of clothes, toothbrush, towel, toiletries, chargers and an emergency roll of toilet paper will lessen the logistical nightmare during unpacking. .

Furry Friends

If you’re moving pets, make sure you have water, treats and a leash handy. Pack a separate pet box which has their favourite toys and blankets inside. Routine is incredibly important for pets, so if you can, stick to their usual routine as much as possible.

Calm Kids

In our experience, the key to moving with kids is preparation. Pack a separate kids’ bag for their first night, including pyjamas, blankets and their loved items to make them feel at home. A great way to include your children in the journey is to give them an individual box where they can pack their favourite things. Bring this along in the car with you and let them unpack it at the other end.

Settle The Score

Before you go, tie up your utilities and services. Organise a final read on your electricity, gas and water meters, put a stop to your newspaper delivery and let service providers like mowing and pool cleaning know you’re on the move.

Unplug And Unpack

Don’t forget to unplug the fridge and freezer the night before and let them air out. Check that there’s nothing left behind in your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. In the morning, empty out all the bins. There’s nothing worse than stinky storage.

The last thing on the list is to put your feet up and let Grace take care of the rest.