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There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving house but taking the time to tackle just a few jobs before you settle into your new home can make a world of difference in the long run.

1. Get scrubbing

Owners and landlords will generally leave a house clean for inspection but guaranteed there will be some aspects that need a more thorough clean. Never again will you get the chance to clean without furniture, window treatments and people in the way so take the opportunity. Run an empty load through the dishwasher, give the oven a good scrub and wipe over ceiling fans, light fittings and exhaust fans. If you’ve already cleaned your previous home and can’t bear to touch another sponge, then let the experts help. Grace Removals can arrange a comprehensive home-cleaning service tailored to meet your individual requirements.

2. Draw a layout of your new home

At Grace, our service includes placing your furniture where you want it so it’s a good idea to have it planned out before we arrive. Check the antenna outlet to determine where your television will go, work out which direction you want your bed facing and make sure your fridge will fit in the kitchen. The last thing you want to do is have to move large pieces of furniture around on your own after the removalists have left.

3. Start fresh with a new coat of paint.

Painting is a quick and painless job when you don’t have to move furniture, take curtains or shelves down and remove posters off walls.

4. Tackle the floors

Just like painting, cleaning or replacing floors is best done in an empty house. Steam clean carpets, refinish hardwood floors and re-grout tiled areas if necessary. Remember, if you do decide to replace the flooring, make sure you use mats or tarps during the move to prevent dirt and scratches.

5. Say goodbye to bugs

Chances are your new home will have some extra tenants by way of spiders, cockroaches and other critters. By setting of a bug bombe or calling a pest controller now, you’ll avoid exposing your family and pets to chemicals.

6. Change the locks

Changing the locks allows you to know exactly who has access to your home. Previous owners or tenants may have given keys to relatives, neighbours or workmen so changing the locks will give you peace of mind. However, if you are renting, remember to talk to your landlord before changing any locks.

7. Cover up

There’s some things you don’t want your new neighbours to see. Make sure you put up window treatments in the essential rooms of the house before nightfall. This way you won’t have your family and all your belongings on display for every passerby to see. If you are yet to purchase window treatments, tack a sheet or two over the windows until you have time to go shopping.

8. Change the toilet seat

Quick and easy to do, replacing the toilet is a must for any new homeowner.