Grace Business Services

Grace delivers a range of professional project management services, offering practical advice and cost-effective relocation and installation solutions tailored to your needs. Our online asset management system has been designed to oversee the entire lifecycle of assets for your organisation and its stakeholders. The system covers all aspects of the asset management lifecycle from packing and relocating items, to the disposal of these items once they have reached end of life, and all phases in between.

Stock control

At Grace Business Services, we take care to ensure all items that enter our state-of-the-art storage facilities are inventoried and condition agreed. Once the asset has been photographed, barcoded, and entered into our system, we can provide real-time information on it. This information includes the location, quantity, type and condition of every asset, shared via our online portal which you can view and monitor.

Cataloguing and tracking

Our asset management system is designed to monitor equipment, maintain a secure inventory and enhance your asset’s data integrity. While our system provides detailed product and financial information, it also has the ability to be customised to configure a solution to any unique project and facilities management requirements you may have. This includes monitoring the on and offsite locations of specific equipment, the ability to reserve items for specific projects or transfer items from one state to another, depending on their project’s needs.


Grace Business Services provides accurate online stock control reporting through our bespoke asset management system. Our technology platform allows us to manage cost centre invoicing and electronically transmit data between systems. Using our intuitive reporting system, you’ll be able to identify stagnant stock to decide if a product needs to be recycled or destroyed. We set up this reporting process during implementation so it can be customised to meet your needs. Receive instant reports, work orders and invoices on a monthly and quarterly basis with Grace.

Asset management with Grace

At Grace, we tailor our services to meet your needs and requirements. Our asset management system allows us to provide detailed stock management, cataloguing, tracking and reporting. You can trust our customised technology system to help manage your business inventory. Get in touch with us today to discuss your asset management.