packing art

When it comes to crating a painting or sculpture for removal, it can be hard to know which will keep your art safest. How fine art is packed depends upon the destination it is travelling to, the method of transportation taken to get there, and on the type of art being shipped. Crates are a great way to secure and protect your art in transit and store your art upon arrival or before delivery.

Here are the fine art crate options we use at Grace.

Protective packaging

Protective packaging provides shock protection and insulation from variations in global environments when transporting fine art. All of our crating options also include protective packaging materials to ensure the longevity of your pieces. For our guide to protecting your fine art pieces with packaging materials, read our blog on packing fine art.

Grace Art Pac

Our art pac is used to transport and protect museum quality work from damages. These pacs allow the piece to be handled without anything coming into contact with the surface. This is incredibly important for paintings which can be damaged if the surface of the canvas rubs against other materials.

Slot crate

When shipping a painting overseas, the best crates are slot crates. These crates continue keeping everything from touching the surface of a painting. It might also help to only pack one painting pre crate to avoid the opportunity for surface contact. Paintings simply slot into the crate and eliminate too much handling of the artwork.

Custom crate

When it comes to casing and crating, Grace has an in house and external casing/crating workshop with full-time specialist carpenters ready to design and construct the required crates and cases on demand. These tailored packing and crating solutions ensure the safe transportation of your art, be it a painting or a sculpture.

Grace Fine Art

Grace is one of Australia’s leading providers of fine art transportation, working with leading galleries and avid art collectors across Australia and New Zealand. We understand the need for careful planning, meticulous project management and clear communication to deliver high service levels. Our expert art handlers are specifically trained in the handling, packing, storing, and transporting of fine art.

The crates we use are used to protect art moving domestically or internationally or while in storage in one of our secure facilities. All Grace fine art crates, museum and non-museum standard, are designed and built to cater for each artwork’s individual features. Get in touch with us for more information.