When it comes to packing and moving, it’s often our most-used items that get taken for granted and left behind. With most people usually leaving the essentials until the last minute in the chaos of moving day, these much-loved items are forgotten. From cosmetics to cooking equipment, and even the odd pet, our team at Grace have found it all.

Our moving consultants share their most-commonly forgotten items.


The most common kitchen culprits are usually hiding in the dishwasher. To avoid getting to the other side and realising you’re two forks short of a dinner party, give the kitchen a good once-over; checking drawers, dishwashers, and drying racks.


Sounds strange, but it’s up there as one of the more commonly-forgotten items. Generally hiding at the top of the cupboard are the ghosts of seasons past. Before you bid your cupboard adieu, get a stepladder and double check that your winter woollens aren’t left to be forgotten.

Hidden Treasures

Every house has a secret hiding spot. Whether it’s under the bed or the secret trap door under the stairs. In most cases, they’re filled with last year’s inflatable Santa, but on the odd occasion, it can be something a lot more valuable.

The Medicine Cabinet

If it’s something you take everyday, chances are you’ve conveniently left it out to avoid forgetting. But as Murphy’s Law would have it, it’s often the opposite that happens. To avoid being left medicine-less, leave out the exact dosage you’ll need until you leave and make sure you pack the rest.


Otherwise known as the most forgotten item since the invention of the iPhone. At least every third house leaves a charger behind. There are a lot of logistics on moving day, mostly using your smartphone, which is why the charger is always at the ready. That is, until it’s left behind.

Children’s Toys

Most parents will keep their kid’s favourite toys handy to help keep them comfortable and distracted. In the chaos of moving day, some toys sadly get left behind, usually, only to be discovered when it’s too late. To avoid a mid-move meltdown, keep your kids close and their toys closer!

We can’t stress enough the importance of doing a once-over before closing the front door for the last time. Get fresh eyes to do a check, too. Hopefully none of your things end up in the lost-and-found pile.