5 tips to help you survive a career change in your new country

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As borders start opening and restrictions are further eased, you may be considering a big job change and taking your career to a new country. But, before you decide where to move and if you should move, you need to assess your current situation and whether the move is ideal for you and your family. You need to ensure that they’re on board before you can begin planning your move. Also, you need evaluate whether the move will be beneficial for your career. Oftentimes, your existing network may become disrupted or lost when you transfer abroad.

In saying this, “moving to a new job in a new city is a sure-fire way to help round out your skills and experience. You’ll get to know people from different parts of the company; you’ll be exposed to new ideas; you’ll be able to build a broader network. And if you’re relocating overseas, you’ll gain an understanding of a different culture.”1 Once you’ve finished your evaluation and see the benefits of moving abroad, here are 5 tips to help you relocate overseas for as part of a career change.


1) Be clear with what you want and keep your expectations realistic


When moving overseas for a career change, you need to ensure that your new life suits your lifestyle, for example, if your daily routine includes a quick dip or a surf before coming into the office, then Australia may be a good fit for you. Your new job position should still allow you to have an adequate work-life balance not only for a fulfilling career but to ensure that you maintain your health and wellbeing.

Also, when preparing for your new job, you need to expect that not only is your location changing but the nature of your work will change as well. So, before you move, make sure you conduct a thorough research of your new company. What career developments do they offer? What’s the culture like? Is the culture one that you’ll enjoy and thrive within? A good idea is to connect with potential co-workers via LinkedIn and ask them about their experience.


2) Cost of living


Once you’ve been offered a position, make sure you familiarise yourself with your benefits and salary package. From there, conduct further research on the cost of living in your new location and ensure your that new salary covers your living expenses including rent, groceries, utilities and other bills. Also, consider opening a local bank account and speak to your future employers to gain tips and insights on how financials are dealt with.


3) Seek advice from your employer


If your new position is with a global corporation, make sure you schedule a meeting with the HR team or talent development team. They should be able to provide you advise on how to cope in your new country, whether the move is a good fit for you and tell you which visa/documents you need.


4) Move with your loved ones


Adjusting to your new home can be lonesome, especially if you decide to relocate by yourself, so make sure you consider moving with your family or partner. Moving abroad is a significant life event and if you’re moving with partner or children, there are even more things you need to think about. This include finding a home that fits with your family’s lifestyle, and one that is easy access to all the amenities you and your family requires, such as schools, work and childcare centres. But before you take that new job, make sure you speak to your spouse/partner and children, and make sure that everyone is onboard and happy to move.


5) Engage a reputable international moving company

To make moving overseas even easier, you will want to engage a professional international moving company. A specialist international removal company cannot only help you move your items but also keep you up to date with the entire processes.

For over 100 years, the name Grace Removals has become synonymous with international move and removals, our experts will guide you through each step of your relocation, from the initial planning to coordinating specialist services.

Our experts will address any questions, concerns and requirements throughout the entire process. We’ll also provide you with tracking and status reports, so you know where your furniture and household goods are at all phases of the move, no matter where in the you, or they are.

To find out how Grace Removals can help you relocate to your new home country, call us on 0800 472 2369 or request a free home visit with one of our international removals team.


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