Renovating a restaurant requires much more than a simple coat of paint and new cutlery. Carefully planning and selecting furniture, fitouts and equipment (FF&E), pulls together the completed look of the restaurant. Here are our tips on completing your restaurant renovation with FF&E.

Quality first

When it comes to choosing furniture for your restaurant renovation, the first thing you need to consider is its quality. There’s no point in refurbishing your restaurant with a new look if you’re only going to have to replace it in months to come. If you think of the restaurant in thirds, a good rule of thumb is to allow a third of your budget to food, a third to service and a third to FF&E.

Furniture choice

Consider the needs of your guests and customers. If your restaurant is tailored more towards families, your restaurant will be better equipped with larger tables and multiple seating arrangements. Also consider the layout of your restaurant. Large booths might be more practical for families, but they might not fit within the restaurant itself.

Be flexible

Make sure your design is flexible so you don’t have to keep replacing your furniture every time a new season rolls around. If your restaurant allows for group bookings and functions, make sure the design and layout of the restaurant allows you to move things around to accommodate.

Invest wisely

When a restaurant is sold, so too is the FF&E. The ownership of these are transferred to the new owner as an investment of the property. Choosing your fixtures and furnishings wisely will allow you to make a return on the investment in the future if you’re planning on reselling.

Start planning

Incorporating FF&E into your restaurant renovation budget during new construction planning is an essential cost control measure. Thinking about your FF&E needs during the planning stages can also help you create a shopping list and help with placement of your equipment.

Now that you’ve finished planning the FF&E portion of your restaurant renovation, it’s time to hire a specialist service provider to complete the job. At Grace Business Services, our FF&E division specialises in taking care of the logistics of your FF&E. With experience working on a live site and dedicated project managers, you can trust us for the FF&E portion of your project.