Businesses may be required to relocate for a number of reasons, including expansion of operations and the end of a lease. For the business, often this move is a positive one but for employees, these changes can be harder to deal with. Disruptions to work-life balance and the new business premises themselves may become an issue for some of your staff.

Sometimes it’s just the initial change itself that can be difficult to handle. Here are some ways you can avoid business relocation blues.


Your employees will feel better about the process of relocating if they’re aware of what’s going on. Allow your employees to voice any concerns they have over the relocation and listen to them so you can help them overcome any issues that arise. Provide relevant updates at every stage of the process with information that will help employees feel better about the relocation taking place.

Choose your timing wisely

Don’t relocate the business at the busiest time of the work year as this will add more stress to what is already a stressful experience for your employees. If it’s going to work better for the business to relocate overnight, make sure you take extra measures to make that happen.

Don’t leave the relocation until the last possible moment either. Your employees will need time to pack their things and organise themselves before the move takes place. It’s also worthwhile to allow employees time to familiarise themselves with the new location. You’ll also need this time to ensure everything has been set up correctly and is functioning properly.

Hire the professionals

If the relocation is impacting on employee’s work or personal life or if it’s distracting them and preventing them from completing their daily tasks, the move is going to have a negative effect. Hiring professional business relocation experts will allow minimal disruptions to your business and give you and your staff more time to get back to the more important stuff.

Business relocation professionals will also be able to project manage the process for you, providing you and your team with updates and ensuring everything happens on schedule and within budget.

Follow up feedback

Now that you’ve relocated and your employees are settling in, it’s important to ask them for feedback. You might find that the new layout of your office isn’t working for all departments, or maybe something isn’t clicking the way it was at your previous location. Check in on your staff and address any issues and concerns they have now to avoid future issues.

For more information on how to avoid the business relocation blues or for a quote, contact the experts at Grace Business Services.

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