Medical equipment is some of the most expensive and valuable equipment used in laboratories and health facilities. Because of that, it is a fragile thing to relocate. For that reason, there are a number of risks associated with moving the equipment from one place to another.

A risk assessment of the relocation project at hand is necessary to determine the best health and safety approach to moving. Many risks will likely be identified due to the nature of the project and will include the following:

Sensitive freight

Medical equipment is sensitive and fragile. Caution should be exercised when moving the equipment. It should not be lifted or moved until it has been properly assessed as its weight and size will often determine the tools needed for the move. Medical machinery is by no means small and the weight and size of the equipment makes it sensitive to transport methods and movement, even a small bump can have a big effect on the equipment’s ability.


Due to the significance of medical equipment, the timing of the move is of utmost importance as the health of people involved may be dependent on it. Despite this, the process of moving large machinery cannot be rushed as doing so would put the equipment at risk of damage. A relocation project needs to be planned out completely, from beginning to end, especially if patients rely on the machinery or equipment. The re-installation of the equipment also needs to be considered as this can take time depending on where it is being installed.


The cost of medical and laboratory equipment cannot always be measured as in many cases it is considered priceless for patients who rely on the equipment for their health. Medical equipment and machinery is also costly to replace or fix following damage. When planning the relocation of any laboratory or medical equipment, the costs of not having it on hand for patient use as well as the costs of its replacement must be factored in.

Personal risk

Moving medical equipment carries with it a number of physical risks to the removalists involved in the relocation project. From hazardous chemicals to the weight, size and sensitivity of the equipment, if not performed in a safe manner, these factors can cause serious harm to those involved in the relocation. These risks also extend to patients who rely on the equipment as they may be placed at risk of further health complications if medical equipment is not available.

Hazardous substances

Where medical and laboratory equipment is concerned, so too are hazardous chemicals. These substances can pose potential risks to anyone who has been exposed to them. As liquids are more mobile than large equipment, they must be properly sealed and contained before being moved. In some cases, they may need to be disposed of before the relocation.

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