International Relocation Services

Home Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home is one of the last things you want to do when moving internationally. At Grace Removals, we can take care of your home cleaning to improve its appearance for prospective buyers or to meet the requirements of your landlord. Our home cleaning service provides options for both the inside of the home and the outside – including rubbish removal and lawn maintenance.

We also know that there is nothing like walking into a beautifully cleaned home, which is why we also offer the home cleaning service for your new destination to make your transition as effortless as possible. Read more…

Home Search Service

One of the most challenging tasks when relocating internationally is finding a home in your new area of residence. Grace Removals helps to make that task easy and stress-free with our home search service. We’ll work with you to find your most pressing needs, and then use them to find prospective homes in your destination area. We also offer assistance with long-distance lease agreements to help you save time and money.


We offer an orientation programme to help ease the transition of moving internationally. This programme will offer you details on housing, local schools and any important aspects related to  the culture of your destination area.


Give yourself peace of mind with our relocation insurance. With relocation insurance, your belongings will be protected against the risks involved with international moves, including any damage that occurs with external agencies. Grace Removals has one of the industry’s lowest claim incident rates, however we still strongly recommend you consider our transit and storage insurance services for added security. Read more…

School Search

Finding a new school district with a good reputation is one of the most challenging parts of relocating internationally. Here at Grace Removals, we help to take the stress out of finding a new school for your childrens’ primary, secondary or tertiary needs. We’ll provide you with a list of schools in your destination area, as well as important statistics to help you make an informed decision.


Are you relocating internationally and you’re unable to take all of your belongings with you? Grace Removals offers short and long-term storage options based on your unique needs in our clean, safe and secure storage areas. We even have special in-transit storage options available if you have delicate items such as carpets, rugs, glassware and fine china. Read more…

Vehicle and Pet Relocation

Grace Removals is here to help ease the stress of moving your vehicles and pets internationally. With our vehicle and pet relocation services, we’ll make sure that your pet arrives safely and comfortably to your new destination. With the help of our international car relocation affiliates, we’ll help you rest easy knowing that your vehicle will arrive safely and quickly at your new destination. Read more about Pet Relocation and Vehicle Relocation.

Visa and Migration

Let us help to simplify the complex details of relocating internationally. Our experienced team of professionals will assist you in the process to obtain the visas and work permits you need to move overseas to your new destination.

Temporary Accommodation Services

We know very well that there are times when temporary housing is necessary during the international relocation process. Whether you need help finding temporary housing in your destination country, or you would like to have your most essential items delivered to your temporary residence, Grace Removals can arrange suitable accommodation and storage solutions to suit your needs

To learn more about our relocation services, contact us online or call us on 0800 472 2369.