There’s no doubt that moving house is a daunting task. The joy of a new home often comes with the headache of the move, which can be overshadowing to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be so! Hiring a moving company can be some important pre-planned pain relief, but choosing the right removal company is not something many movers think about – until the pain kicks in on moving day!

Of course, there are ways to avoid bad choices. Below is a list of common mistakes people make when moving house.

Mistake 1: Not using professional help

A lot of people will try to cut costs by rallying generous family and friends to help with the moving job. This can work if you have reliable allies, but you could also be at a disadvantage due to inexperience, inefficiency and ill-equipped resources.

Add up the cost of materials:

  • Time off work to do the packing
  • Hiring a van
  • Hiring help to pack and lift
  • Buying packaging and boxes

Compare this with the cost of a professional move and the difference will be less than expected. Then consider the risks of damage, unforeseen hitches and the ‘aggravation factor’. Is it really worth it?

Mistake 2: Not planning ahead

Any big job requires careful consideration and planning. Reserve your slot well in advance with a removal company. This will help avoid the stress of not obtaining the reservation or having to pay more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to set up your home without lifting a finger while someone else packs up your belongings and relocates everything for you? Well it’s possible. Select removal companies now offer the complete package, where professionals manage the entire process.

Cleaning the house to get your bond back is something that needs to be considered during a moving process, yet is often forgotten or put off until the last minute when it’s likely you’ve run out of time to do a thorough job. Choose a removals company that will clean your old and new house and yard before or after a move.

Mistake 3: Not packing properly

Good packing is the foundation of any successful move and incorrect packing can cost you time and money and risk breakage and damage to goods. It’s the most common mistake made.

To get started, gather the following basic home packing items to have on hand during your move:

  • Strong, sturdy boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Textas or markers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors

Mistake 4: Not notifying people you’ve moved

There are a number of people you should contact and notify of your relocation and new forwarding address. You’ll also need to deactivate utility services like power and water to ensure these are turned off and accounts are settled.

Mistake 5: Not notifying removalists of hazards

It’s important to be upfront with your moving company about potential problems they may run into including parking problems, road access, delivery time restrictions and elevators and stairs. Each of these situations may increase the cost of your move so make sure to notify your partnering removalist of any issues.

Mistake 6: Not preparing for the kids and pets

It’s always the little added extras we can forget. What about the kids and pets? Some removal companies will offer pet relocation services to help ease the stress.

With a little planning and research you’re sure to find a removal company that not only suits your individual needs, but will help make moving to your new home an exciting experience for you and your family, which is how it should be.

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