Open plan office

The traditional workplace is rapidly changing, a shift that is largely a result of evolving technology and younger employees joining the older demographic in the office. The diverging expectations of workplaces and the type of work businesses do has helped to create a more inclusive environment. These modern workplaces have embraces the digital age and its role in current industries.

Globally, there’s been a shift in work environments to encourage a healthier work/ life balance. Steps are being taken to help employees avoid the stresses of the daily commute and allow them to work in more pleasant conditions than the cubicles of the days gone by.

Inclusivity and Collaboration

For many organisations around the world, the biggest factor in creating a modern workplace is fostering inclusivity. This usually results in an open plan ecosystem that promotes teamwork and collaboration between departments.

Working across different departments to collaborate on projects will also allow businesses to achieve the work that they want in shorter time frames. This type of openness allows businesses to recognise the diversity of roles within their teams and include them all to complete a project to a higher quality. Accountability and leadership can also be given to different levels of the organisation to help create that culture.


Another global trend in the corporate office space is flexibility. Businesses now want to be in a position where they can take advantage of opportunities. This includes the use of new technology and collaboration tools to allow for staff rotation and job sharing with automated tools or other employees.

This combined with hot desks where employees share desks instead of having a set seating plan allows for the coming and going of staff. Flexibility allows businesses to make the most of employee’s specific skillset, however, it also brings the challenge of ensuring business is getting completed to a high standard and within time constraints.

Quick to adapt

The modern workplace now needs to be quick to adapt to changes in both staff and technology. Not only are staff more likely to come and go on a shorter contract-basis, technology is constantly evolving which means upgrades and updates can change workflows or the way things are completed. In order to stay ahead of the changes and avoid any downtime to business, companies must be able to adapt to the changes and stay ahead of the game.

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