You’ve just put your house on the market and now it’s time to sell. Before you let people through the house or commission professional photographs, there are some easy steps you can take to help you improve the state of your house for prospective buyers. Here are five quick tips to help you prep your home for sale.

1. Declutter
Make the house look more inviting and open by clearing your clutter. Clearing the clutter can showcase the best of your house’s potential to buyers. It’s also a great way to kick start your packing for when you have to move out. Clutter can range from rubbish and things you no longer need to belongings that you simply don’t need until you’ve relocated yourself.


2. Clean
It goes without saying that a clean house is always more inviting. No one has ever wilfully purchased a smelly, dirty house. Be sure to clean once you’ve cleared the clutter so you don’t leave any dust stains behind. Run the vacuum around the house, wipe the windows and clean the kitchen and bathroom to eliminate odours. A professional cleaning service is also an option if you’re time-poor.

3. Do an inspection
You may have missed something while you were decluttering, so be thorough and check that you haven’t left anything behind. Also check that no valuables have been left out in plain sight before an inspection. While conducting your inspection, check for anything that needs urgent repairs like peeling paint, plumbing leaks and broken seals around windows. These should be repaired before your house is open for inspection.

4. Finish repairs
Now is the perfect time to finish any of the odd jobs you have left around the house. Incomplete repairs can make the house look tired, old and rundown in buyer’s eyes. Repairs may include adding a fresh coat of paint to an older room or replacing a blown light globe in one of the spare rooms. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think about the repairs you’d pick up on during an inspection.

5. Create a welcoming entrance
Make your house look more appealing on first impression by tidying up the front yard. Mow the lawn and remove any overgrown plants or weeds which may distract from the overall look of the house. Don’t leave too many things lying around the front door either. You may even want to consider repainting or replacing the front door to wow the buyers as soon as they reach your property.

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