Visa and Immigration Services

Grace Mobility’s Visa and Immigration Services provide access to a truly global immigration consultancy service which includes live international application tracking.

Our in-house support team provide access to qualified immigration specialists who are informed of the latest visa requirements, and are skilled in managing employee visa and immigration programs.

Visa and Immigration Services Include:

  • International business traveller visa advice
  • live international application tracking
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Advisory services
  • Audit and compliance
  • New locations and group moves
  • Payroll tracking and integration
  • Global immigration transactional services
  • Pre-recruitment support
  • Online resources and intranet

Management Services Include:

  • Overall strategic planning and leadership
  • Development of process flow charts and timetables
  • Preliminary evaluation of visa options against job openings
  • Preparation of detailed process diagrams
  • Special attention to VIPs
  • Conferences with other core move planners to create a cohesive process
  • Presentations to prospective employees to solve the common challenges of relocations, including timing, visa options, look-see, housing visit authorisation, and employee and family demographic challenges.