Commercial Relocations

Seamless Relocation of Your Company

Grace Removals handles every kind of commercial relocation. With branches in major cities nationwide, we can assist you with your floor-to-floor, building-to-building and city-to-city relocations.

Project Management

We know that each commercial relocation project is unique. That’s why our dedicated staff will work with you and your team to coordinate and execute a seamless relocation. They’ll ensure that the proper equipment and supplies are used, and that the right specialists are assigned to the job to suit your budget and timeframe.

Specialised Equipment and Vehicles

We have the equipment and vehicles that you need for your commercial relocation. Our specialised fleet ranges in size from small packing vans to large furniture trucks to cater for any sized move.

We also provide our own unique and specialised equipment for the reliable packing, handling, and storage of your property.

If your project requires a specialised service, contact us today to ensure your commercial relocation is executed smoothly, on time and within budget.